Divine made it Possible

A 34 year old gentleman, who sustained extensive burn injury on outer and inner surface of both lower limbs while working in a factory. He was admitted in a local hospital at Lucknow where he was treated. During course of treatment, he was placed 3 times on ventilator for respiratory distress. He too had continous fever and subsequent echocardiogram revealed a large vegetation on anterior leaflet of mitral valve with severe regurgitation. He was referred to Divine Heart Hospital with bipap support in cardigenis shock. He was medically treated for bacterial endocarditis. Once fever regressed and dressing of multiple burn areas showed red granulation then a very senior plastic surgeon who happens to be our teacher at KGMC was consulted. A plan was made to operate for mitral valve replacement and skin grafting together at same sitting. He underwent both procedures successfully and was discharged on 10th postoperative day. This is an extremely rare case of burn which led to develop endocarditis and was successfully treated together.

Dr (Prof) A. K. Srivastava

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