Internet an end to the life of Children?

The growing need for internet has started showing it’s illeffects in the holistic development of the children. The era of internet gained popularity right after the information revolution. As the people became familiar to the internet and it’s utility they created an aura around it. Internet and the facilities provided by it demarked the end to the creativity of the individuals. It became a question to the identity and individuality of the children.
They have started becoming a couch potato and eventually obese. This became a problem as soon as the children started getting mobile phones at a young age. They make themselves engaged in the mobile phones for the entire day long. Internet being very useful on the contrary it has started showing it’s negative aspect in the lives of the children. They have started damaging their eye site as they spend great span of time surfing on the internet. The era of internet even challenged the traditional games like Hide and Seek, Skipping , Basic Gully Cricket and others.
The only solution we have is to work collaboratively to find some new and improved methods to divert the attention of the young kids towards something more productive and exciting than internet. So that we can revive the imaginative skills and abilities of the children.

—- BY- Godhooli —-

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